Cold spring outfits

Vintage Inspired Cold Spring Outfits

As we move into the end of winter, I have been watching excitedly as the first snowdrops have started to blossom and I can see a few daffodil shoots coming out in the garden.

The days have been unpredictable - a snow shower one day, and no coat required on the next. I designed these vintage inspired cold spring outfits so that you can navigate the temperature changes that are a part of the early spring season.

There are 3 pieces in this mini collection, the first is a very warm wool maxi skirt which is perfect if the weather is still cold where you are. The other 2 pieces can be worn transitionally - the velvet dress is fairly thick with a warm lining but is still lightweight, as is the navy blue lace skirt which is lined with a slightly heavier ponte knit lining. 

Black Wool Victorian Style Skirt

Victorian style skirt
When my model, Natalie, put on this skirt, she started running around the grass, swishing the skirt around and said "I feel like I should be on a horse!" It really does take you to a romantic place, wearing this skirt, there is something so dreamy about having all that fabric flowing everywhere.

Winter maxi skirt
It wasn't designed especially to be a Victorian skirt, but I feel like if it belongs to any particular era, it would be the Victorian era. It would look great with a ruffled white blouse and belt as a late Victorian or Edwardian walking skirt, although I usually wear it modern style with a cropped cream cable knit sweater. 

long wool maxi skirt
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1930s Style Black Velvet Dress

1930s black velvet dress

This dress could really be either from the 1930s or 1940s, but either way it makes a very pretty day dress. I always think of 30s and 40s evening dresses as being very long, but I definitely think this would be lovely as an evening dress for a cocktail party or formal event. 

It has finely pleated lace trim around the neckline, finished with a thin velvet ribbon.

black velvet dress with lace trim
I am extremely picky about fabrics, and even more so about velvets, and I absolutely cannot stand thin, rough or cardboard-like velvets, which seem to be the vast majority of them. This velvet is called "Premier velvet" as it is extremely soft and smooth, very like silk velvet. With the silky lining underneath, you have to feel it to believe how soft it is.

It was a fairly cool day when we took these photos, and Natalie commented that she was surprised how warm the dress kept her despite the wind. I thought that was great feedback as to the warmth level of the dress. You would definitely need a coat on a cold day but you don't have to worry that it is so thin you're going to freeze!

vintage inspired velvet dress

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1950s Style Navy Blue Lace Circle Skirt

1950s style circle skirt
I just fell in love with this fabric when I saw it, it has a deep navy blue color with a subtle silver sparkle when the sun shines on it.

navy blue lace skirt
I generally don't work with knits as I'm not a fan of polyester in general, but I found a really high quality ponte knit fabric to use as lining. Ponte knit is a little thicker than normal knit fabric, and has the added benefit of being more durable and wrinkle-resistant.

I ended up selling all the other blue lace skirts except for this one size Medium. Fortunately it has an elastic waist, so it is sort of 'adjustable'. I guess it really is "one of a kind" at this point!

This was an adorable review from one happy customer:

I love my skirt. I know it's for formal wear. I have a pair of flat Puma Tennis Shoes that I will pair with my skirt, when I take my daughter and granddaughters out to lunch in New York. Thank you!

Shop the 1950s Style Navy Blue Lace Circle Skirt here.

That's the early spring outfit mini collection for now - I hope you liked all the designs! As always, I welcome your questions and feedback so be sure to leave a comment or email me with designs you'd like to see in future. 

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