Are all of your items really handmade?

Yes, I am the sole employee of Sweet Violet and every part of the process is carried out in-house.

This means that I design every garment, draft every pattern by hand (not using any computer programs), select every fabric from thousands of choices, cut out every item by hand in fabric using the pattern (factories use machines to cut fabric) and sew together every seam in my in-home studio. 

I also process all orders and pack every item for shipment, which includes a hand-written note. 

Can I customize any part of my garment like the measurements or length?

A selection of designs are able to be customized by length or specific design elements like pockets, sleeves and skirts. These items are listed in the Design Your Own collection.

Please note that customization by measurements such as size or waist are not currently available.

When you place your order, be sure to email me at kate@sweetviolet.co to let me know the exact length you want. Please note that I'm not able to process requests that only state your height, you will need to give an exact length.

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