New Summer Clothing Designs

July Update - New Summer Designs

Welcome to July! The months are flying by this year, and I wanted to tell you a little about the new summer clothing I'm just about to add to the website, as well as some items that are still under construction.

There will be *5* new items - 2 dresses, a skirt and 2 tops! They are new items that I'll be listing very soon - I'm organizing a photo shoot next week as I'm a firm believer that it's always better to see clothing on a person than a mannequin. For a sneak peek though, a mannequin will have to do!

Floral Maxi Dress With and Without Ruffle

The first piece is a floral maxi dress, made with a scoop neck and puff sleeves. It's a very soft and slightly silky rayon fabric, lined with a white rayon - nice and cool for summer! 

Floral maxi dress with ruffle

The dress can actually be made with or without the ruffle, I didn't take a photo without the ruffle before I sewed it on, but I will be showing one without the ruffle on a model during the photo shoot so you'll be able to see that when I add the photos to the store. 

I can also customize the sleeves and make 3/4 length bishop sleeves instead of the puff sleeves if you prefer.

Grey Chiffon Full Circle Skirt

This is my first full circle skirt and *phew* did it have a LOT of fabric! It is so flowy and pretty though, I've always wanted to make a chiffon skirt and I think the color is versatile as you can match it with almost anything.

Grey chiffon circle skirt with pink lace top

It is pictured with the pink lace top, which is a little cropped (depending on your height). It also comes in white, which has a silky polyester lining and the pink one has a silk chiffon lining.

Close up of pink lace top

Unfortunately these will be the only ones I'll be making - the delicate nature of the fabrics made it impossible to feed them through the sewing machine, so they are literally hand sewn which took me almost a week! They are in a small to medium, around a size 6 or 8, depending on how loosely you want to wear them.

1930s/1940s Day Dress in Rayon Crepe

I had my heart set on making a 1940s style day dress but the skirt on this dress turned out a little narrower than I was expecting, so it's probably more appropriate to call it a 1930s day dress. 

It is in a very dark navy blue rayon crepe with white sprigs, and fully lined with a soft navy blue lining. 

1930s inspired day dress

You have a choice of buttons for decoration on the front, check out this video to see the 2 different kinds:

Here is the dress with the white buttons attached:

Close up of 1930s inspired day dress with buttons

As always, any dress can be made up in any fabric you see in the store, as long as I have it in stock so don't forget you can mix and match to your heart's content!

Upcoming Designs

2 new designs I have in the works is a tiered floral maxi skirt in organic cotton and a true 1940s style day dress (not too narrow this time!) as well as - hopefully - some tops to add that can be worn with the skirts.

If you have any suggestions for new products you would like to see, just let me know!

Just Some Pretty Photos

I'm going to leave you with some photos I took of some beautiful flowers, I'm still enjoying the blooming roses and the lavender seems to be doing especially well this year. 

I have no idea what these flowers are - maybe hollyhocks? - but Wow!

For some relaxation, I'll leave you with some bees busy in the lavender 🐝 🐝
See you in the next post!





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