Designing My Winter Wool Maxi Skirts - Highlands and Heather

Designing My Winter Wool Maxi Skirts - Highlands and Heather

I have been working on a range of long winter skirts in wool fabrics.

I love working with wool because it is a natural fiber, and is also warm and always feels so luxurious.

The colors are versatile, including black, heather grey, grey/black plaid, and a purple for some color.

Womens Winter Fashion

When I saw all the colors of the wool together, they reminded me of my time living by the seaside in Scotland, where I completed my graduate degree at the University of St Andrews. Who wouldn't think of Scotland when looking at plaid, soft greys and purple heather hues?

Scottish Highlands

Scottish heather

A little history on how I ended up in Scotland...

I moved to London from Australia after I finished college, and worked in London for 3 years. I applied to graduate school and was accepted by universities in York, Durham and St Andrews. I traveled up the length of Great Britain to visit each of these schools, all in very beautiful historical locations. 

When I finally got to St Andrews, and saw the scenery and the ruins of the castle and cathedral, the village streets with stone houses next to the sea, I knew I wanted this to be my home for the next few years.

St Andrews Scotland

St Andrews is the UK's third oldest university, established in 1410, only preceded by Oxford and Cambridge. 

The Psychology building where I studied, St Marys College, was founded in 1538 on an earlier site from 1418. In the quad stands a hawthorne tree that was planted by Mary, Queen of Scots during a visit to the town. The building also houses the historic King James Library founded by King James I in 1612. I was lucky enough to study in this library every day.

I was also lucky enough to see Prince William in person a few times too!

St Andrews Castle RuinsThe ruins of St Andrews Castle

Did you know that marmalade was invented in Dundee (just up the road from St Andrews) in 1797?

Marmalade and toast

The great thing about St Andrews is that it allows you to travel north to the Highlands, as well as only being an hour from Edinburgh.

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye

Scottish Thistle

The hardy thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland for centuries.

Edinburgh is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It is old and beautiful and historical and unique, while at the same time having such a buzzing energy with great music and fashion. It's one of the coolest places I've ever been.  Edinburgh Scotland Edinburgh skyline

Carlton Hill Monument Edinburgh

Carlton Hill Monument, Edinburgh

The fascinating history of Fair Isle knitting in Scotland and Ireland deserve an entire post of its own. For now here is a pretty one that I think would go wonderfully with one of my skirts.

I would invest in an authentic Highlands Fair Isle sweater, made by tailor and outfitter, Campbell's of Beauly. They have been making Fair Isle sweaters since 1858 in their location 10 miles west of Inverness. 

woman in fair isle sweater

This has definitely got me dreaming of Scotland now...but I still have a winter collection to tell you about! Click through to Part 2 to find out more about the fabrics I used and how they look when made up.


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