A Little Winter Inspiration

A Little Winter Inspiration

Funny Winter Sign

I am not what you would call an ardent lover of the season of Winter, but I have tried lately to see more of the beauty of this time of year, especially in Nature. 

Despite the bare landscape, there are still flowers to be seen as well as cozy indoor activities to enjoy. 

Here is a collection of winter photos that I hope will inspire you and give you ideas for fun activities that you can only do during the cold days of Winter.

Please don't think I have forgotten any of my friends in the southern hemisphere, or those lucky ones living in warm climates like Florida. For now, you will have to just look on and pity (or envy) those of us stuck in the chilly weather!

Woman in winter fashion

📷 Ali Karimiboroujeni

Mmmm I just love this midi skirt! The wool, the plaid, the length - gorgeous! I'll have to figure out how to make one of my own. It looks like possibly a wrap skirt or maybe just some simple gathering - should not be too hard to whip up. You can often find vintage versions of this style in thrift stores in the winter months as well, and since they are vintage, they're usually 100% wool and very high quality.

The orange sweater is such a great pop of color and I like the drapey style - it looks so cozy! 

Autumn leaf

📷 Ross Sneddon

Simple pleasures and winter beauty can still be found in the woods, when I walk each day with my dog, Violet.

Like this this delicate feather I found...

Pinecone in Forest

It always feels good to get back inside after my walks and try to warm up, I usually have a hot cup of coffee (or tea). My absolute favorite tea in the world is Harney & Sons tea, their teabags are so incredibly flavorful compared to standard tea that you usually get. I'm not an affiliate or anything, I just love their tea. My favorite flavors are peppermint, London Fog and cinnamon spice. They have some great sets that would be a lovely present for a tea lover.

Woman with tea📷 Daiga Ellaby

Winter has been a great time to practice my baking. I've recently been making more pies, including this apple pie by Martha Stewart (I used her lattice pie crust from the blueberry pie recipe), as well as a chocolate pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

Fruit Pie Winter Baking
📷 Priscilla Du Preez

Baking with peaches
📷 Krisztina Papp

One thing I've always wanted to try my hand at is jam making. It seems like it would be fairly time consuming and messy, but maybe one day I'll try it, perhaps after a summer visit to a strawberry farm, as I'm sure you would need pounds and pounds of fruit. I'll be sure to write a post on it next summer and chronicle my efforts! In the meantime I'll just enjoy store-bought jam with my afternoon tea.

📷 Storiès

Jam and cookies
📷 Storiès

Some other activities I've been meaning to try are drying flowers as well as natural dyeing with plants and flowers.

Traditional kitchen
📷  Oleksandr Kurchev

Flowers with book
📷 Heather Barnes

There are a multitude of courses you can do online on natural dyeing, some even show you how to turn plants and flowers into inks and paints. One I found that I'm planning on doing is run by Studio Tinta. Not only do they have a lot of interesting courses, their photography is beautiful too.

Next year, I plan on growing more flowers so I can learn how to dry them, and then have some to dye with at this time of year.

I tried dyeing some white fabric using synthetic dyes like Rit but they seem so toxic, I could barely bring myself to pour them down the sink when I was done! If I'm going to do any dyeing in the future it will have to be 100% natural and only on natural fabrics (I don't think natural dyes work that well on synthetic fabrics anyway).

Book with botantical drawings
📷 Annie Spratt

Kitchen in historical house

📷 Xuan Nguyen 

Winter may not be the most cheerful time of year (besides the holidays!) but there are still a lot of fun things to do when it's cold outside. I hope this gave you a few ideas if you are more of a summer person, like me.

Winter scene through window
📷 Annie Spratt

My next post will be my Part 2 on the designing of my winter collection of wool maxi skirts, so stay tuned! If you like my content, don't forget to sign up in the form to the right, to receive notice when a new blog post comes out.
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